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Original Beard Balm - Beardster Beardcare
Original Beard Balm - Beardster Beardcare

Beardster Original Beard Balm, Unscented Beard Balm

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Beardster's handmade beard balm conditions your beard, gives your beard a natural hold and leaves in feeling soft and shiny. Made with only the finest natural ingredients, our Beard Balm is a silky soft texture, easy to get a blob from the jar and work into the beard without grittiness or lumps. If your beard gets a bit out of control at times then add this beard balm to your daily routine.

Beardster's Beard Balms are available in different scents too: New World, Old Love, Sweet Java and Old Gray's. We also have an unscented option: Original. 

This Beard Balm makes the perfect finishing touch once you have used some Beard Oil or Beard Butter.

  • An unscented Beard Balm with earthy and sweet notes from the natural butters, waxes and oils.