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The Best Beards of Instagram In 2018 by Beardster - Beard Oil, Beard Care and the home of the Beardsters

Yo fellow Beardsters, we wanted to celebrate the best beards on Instagram throughout all of 2018. So far we have undertaken two Shortlists below.

Long Beard = 4 inches or more

Short Beard = Under 4 inches

We chose the Top 10 in each of these categories and then we left it down to you to vote for the remaining 40 places. We had way over 1500 votes and in excess of 400 individuals have been voted in. We are now finalising the shortlists and will be announcing those who made it over the next week.

Now we ask you to do a few things. Check out each of these people, say congrats to them, leave them a follow and build up this community of like-minded Beardsters.

Make sure you are following us too. We publish Daily Instagram, Facebook and Twitter content for you guys and we create a weekly YouTube video that goes live by 6 pm each Sunday. 

Furthermore, make sure you vote in all the upcoming shortlists throughout 2018. It is really simple to vote as all you need to do is tag the people in the comments of the photo we publish on Instagram to vote for them. Then, make sure you share these posts all over Instagram and let us make this huge.

You can tag up to 10 people per comment on Instagram. Make the most of it and tag as many awesome bearded guys as you possibly can. It is likely that if you tag someone, they might well return the favour!

We don’t care where you are in the world, what your creed is, your religion is. Just show some love.

The plan is to do monthly shortlist and at the end of the year,  we will shortlist the Best Beards of 2018. What we will do is shortlist the top individuals from each category and then we here at Beardster HQ will rank them all! It is a big feat but it should be good fun! Also, we might give you guys the ultimate freedom and simply shortlist those who go the most votes throughout the year. We will see.

We love you all, thanks for taking part and readinh this 👍  

Scroll down to check out all the categories and those who made the shortlist. This list is going to grow a lot this year so keep coming back for your beard fix.

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