Beardster is stopping the Beard Care Products - this site will transition to a media page in due course 👍🏻

The Beardster Story

The Beard Care Company for the Beardster. The guy who cares about how he looks and is motivated to go get stuff done.

Beardster Beard Care

Our Story Starts here

It is 2014 and I, Daniel, had been exploring growing a beard for a while. I had kept the beard short, trimmed and sharp. A style that is minimalist and one that I still love. The problem I had was itch. My face was itching all over and my skin was flaking and falling off. It looked gross and felt horrible. 
So I looked for some products and came across Argan oil and Coconut Oil. At this point I just chucked these on my face and they did a good job.
I looked for some curated products but all I found was heavily perfumed scents that irritated my face. So I began making my own products. 
Beardster as a community started in May 2017 when we started our Instagram page, documenting a new beard Journey and featuring fellow Beardsters to showcase their efforts.
In November 2017 we launched our YouTube channel and post weekly tips and lifestyle videos to help you improve.
In February 2018 we launched our handmade natural Beard Oils. We have a lot more we are going to be doing though.
We had been asked about supplying the products I was using on a daily basis whilst documenting my beard growth. So it made sense to provide these to you at the lowest cost possible whilst retaining ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality.

 Our Vision

Beardster Beard Care - Beard Oil Beard Balm

We know there are plenty of Beard Care companies out there selling their handmade products or mass produced products. Kudos to them. We want to do things differently though. We want to be the Beard Care media company that provides you with the very best information and lifestyle tips each week.
We also want to continually innovate on products. So going forward, we will document all our ingredients, we will inform you why they are used, where the ingredients are sourced from and we will continuously innovate our products.
We look at the Female Beauty Industry for a lot of inspiration. We love how those products can make a person feel so much better about themselves. We are going to do this for you.

Beardsters are Men and Women of Values. See the Beardster Values and decide if this is the place for you.