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Sandalwood Amyris Oil

Sandalwood Amyris Oil - Amyris balsamifera

Sandalwood Amyris grows wild on the Mountain slopes of Haiti. It is an evergreen wuith lovely white flowers, though the bark is the part of the plant which produces the resin which makes Sandalwood Amyris.

Sandalwood Amyris is a substitute to East Indian Sandalwood, though not having the striking characteristic scent of East Indian Sandalwood, it does posses the same therapeutic properties and when used in Aromatherapy is an ethical substitute without the same environmental costs of East Indian Sandalwood.

Sandalwood Amyris as an antiseptic oil that is great at keeping th beard clean and feeling amazing.

Notes - Sweet, Woody and Creamy

Origin - Haiti

Extraction - The sandalwood amyris oil is steam distilled from the resinous bark.

Products used in - Beardster Old Love Beard Oil, Old Love Beard Balm.