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Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil - Cannabis sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil

Hemp Oil is the highest Oil in essential fatty acids (EFAs): 75-80% total EFAs. It is amazingly rich in Omega 3 oils with the benefits related to them. 

Filled with essential nutrientts, Hemp oil is natures richest source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) which are known for their excellent emollient and lubricating properties which make our Beard Balms incredibly easy to apply to the beard and allows the balm to be quickly absorbed.

PUFAs increase the moisture retention of our skin, keeping it soft and supple and our hair healthy and strong. This is everything you need to make the beard grow healthy and strong.

Trapping this moisture strengthens our skin and beard hair. This enhances our natural defenses against every day encounter.

The essential fatty acids contained in Hemp Oil have been clinically proven to alleviate or remedy dry skin, minor skin abrasions, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Hemp seed oil has a high content of Vitamin E and anti-wrinkle properties.

Origin - England

Extraction - Cold Pressed

Products used in:

Beardster Beard Balms - Original, Old Love, Chai Lemon, New World, Sweet Java and Old Gray's