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  • Order Processing - All of our orders will be processed within 1 - 3 working days.
  • Postage Times - All orders will be sent out to you on the next business day following order processing (Monday - Friday). Shipping time will then be between 1 - 5 working days. 
  • Postage Service - We will be using UK Royal Mail as our postage provider.
  • Postal costs - Postsge covers the cost of shipping the item which include the cost of shipping, the cost of packaging, the time it takes to do this, our petrol costs and any other direct costs related to this process.
  • Our Products - We are a Bearded Lifestlye Brand. We have a variety of beard care products (more coming soon), clothing and lifestyle products (coming soon). Our Beard care products are all handmade, using only natural products and fully compliant with EU law on Cosmetics. We only use Essnetial oils for our scents too. 
  • Our Scents - Our Scents are not the strongest on the market and this is how we like it. We wanted to use small amounts of natural essential oils to produce an initial fragrance hit that has Top, middle and mild long lasting notes. We dislike Oils that have strong scents that sit on your face all day. We love to smell the world around us, enjoy the scent of our coffee and even wear an aftershave. We wanted to let you know this upfront and to be transparent about our scents. If this is not for you then do not buy these products and then complain the scent dissapared too fast for your liking. 
  • Product Testing - All of our Beard Care Products have had extensive testing on my own Beard and are fully signed off under EU law. Each individual product has a Cosmetic Product Safety Review (CPSR) that states there are no known risks with our dilutions and details all known allaergens for your safety. We will display all of these on each product page and each product label to keep you safe.
  • Our Ingredients - We use only natural products. These will be clearely stated in our product descriptions and product labels for your safety. In our beard products to date we have the following:
    • Argan Oil 
    • Jojoba Oil
    • Sweet Almond Oil
    • Castor Oil
    • Vitamin E Oil in Sunflower Oil (stabilises our essential oils to prevent them going rancid)
    • Essential Oils
  • Our Clothing Range - Look out for the Beardster Logo White Tee coming soon, as well as other tees, hats, caps and hoodies.
  • Our Insurance - We are fully insured up to £1million for our products and for you, the bearded consumer. Our products are fully safety checked already so there is minimal risk. But we have you covered.
  • Animals - Our products have never or will never be tested on Animals. Our products will only ever be tested on Beards. Our ingredients that make up our products have never been tested on Animals either. 
  • Try it and hate it? - If you dislike our products then email us at and we will issue you a full refund on the product. You just need to do this within 30 days of purchase. If you like the product and not the scent then email us and we will send out one other scent of your choice to try out. We cannot refund any shipping charges though. This does not apply to the Free Beard Oil offer.