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Benzoin Oil

Benzoin Oil - Styrax benzoin (Benzoin) Gum Oil

Benzoin is a Comforting oil that creates a calming effect. It has been known to cause some drowsiness so if this occurs make sure you use our products that use it prior to sleep. Benzoin is a resin oil so you might find within your Chai Lemon and Old Love Beard Oils that there is a thicker substance in the bottle. This is nothing to worry about and if you place the bottle in a warm water bath of about 2-3cm of water the resin will soften.

Origin - France

Extraction - Incisions are made into the Styrax benzoin tree to extract the sap. The sap is then left to harden and the essential oil is made from this resin.

Notes - Vanilla like top notes, with warm hints of Chocolate and beautiful sweet molasses like texture with balsamic undertones. 

Natural Allergens present with use:

Benzoic, Cinnamic (Acids), Benzoic aldehyde, Vanillin (Aldehydes), Benzyl benzoate (Esther)