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Beardster Values

Beardster Beard Care Values

Beardster has five values that we want all Beardsters to follow, to push forward and to always have consideration for. We have these as we wanted to bring something extra, and with incredible groups such as Bearded Villains about, we wanted to reinforce the feel good message that Beardsman out there like to see.

Patience -

You have to be patient in all aspects of life in order to achieve everything you want to achieve. If you are growing a beard, a long beard, a short beard, or even a massive beard then you are going to need patience. So, much to your surprise, growing a beard is going to give you a ton of patience and you, your loved ones and your beard are going to love you even more for it.

Tolerance -

This is one of the single most important values in life. Beardsters come from all walks of life, from all religions, countries and backgrounds. These Beardsters are your bearded brothers. If you cannot tolerate them for who they are, then you have no chance with anyone else. This is why we wanted to promote tolerance within our community.

Acceptance -

Following from Tolerance you have got to be able to accept those around you regardless of anything else. We accept all of you who want to become a Beardster. So join in, chat to us and each other on our social platforms, watch our videos for tips and up your beard care routine with some of our products.

Persaverence -

You have got to keep going when things get tough. It could be someting hard or difficult to deal with or it could be the messiness or lack of growth of the beard. But with these things you have just got to knuckle down and know you have got this. We are here to support you.

Self-Improvement -

It is no good standing still in life and never stretching yourself. You need to push forward, seeking for more and learning more all the time. We are going to push you to innovate yourself, to change up your look, try new styles, to grow that beard in a different way and to always be thinking what can I do better.