Beardster is stopping the Beard Care Products - this site will transition to a media page in due course 👍🏻

Beardster Brand Ambassadors

We are looking at you Beardsters. We want people who represent each of our Beardster Values to join us in a mutual relationship where we promote these values and our brands.

We will give you beard supplies each month including any new products and make sure you are never without your beard care. We will of course feature you regularly on our social media platforms. What we do not want is someone who is just going to pose with our products. We are looking for future partners and people who love beard culture, love keeping their beard in top shape and love their style. 

We want you to talk about our values, our brand and incorporate this into your everyday posts. We want it to feel natural for anyone seeing the post and we want them to see that we are a community growing every stronger with people like you helping us.

So we want you to have good engagement, a good follower count would help but it is not everything and we want you to have a feed that looks great or sounds greats (depending what platform is your main thing). 

If you love our brand, our style and our products and want to apply then send us an email at Let us know why you want to do this, what mutual benefits we can provide each other and talk to us about your social media pages.