How to grow a Moustache fast

Growing a Yeard takes perseverance. Growing the best Moustache out takes something more. It can often feel like the moustache isn’t going to grow or that the rest of the beard is growing much faster.

I know this to be true. This happened with the last beard I was growing before this Yeard.

I’ve not had to worry too much this time as the growth has been consistent with the rest of the beard. Here are a few things I’ve done differently this time around.

Don’t trim the moustache

This is the killer and I actually did this last year when growing the beard. It literally stops growth in its tracks. You might start feeling the moustache hairs caressing the top lip.

Do not trim the moustache if this happens. You see so many guys make this fundamental mistake. They use their trimmer or scissors and put in a square cut on the moustache. This gives it a sharp line but one that looks artificial. 

You need the moustache to grow over the lip, as it is that length, that support that will allow you to grow any style of moustache that you choose. 

This brings us on to the next point.

You need to train the Moustache Hairs

What does training the moustache hairs mean? It is simple.

You need to tell your moustache hairs how you want them to grow, the direction to grow in and the style you want them to grow. Easy right? And you don’t need to talk to them you just need to use your comb each day, or every other day to start this process off. 

Grab your comb, brush the hairs into the direction you want them to sit and eventually, they will start to sit like that naturally. For example, I brush my moustache out to the side as I’m going for a handlebar moustache with a full beard. I’ll be doing this daily going forward and also training the rest of the beard hair in this manner. 

Let’s move on to the final point.

Wash, Oil and show love to the Moustache

I’ve spoken to a lot of guys who talk about how they look after their facial hair. I’d almost say 90% of them fail to mention how they look after the moustache though. 

They talk about how they wash the beard, how they oil it and how they treat it like their dearest loved one. When I ask what they specifically do to the moustache it turns out they don’t do too much.

When I wash the beard I pay particular attention to the moustache area. I exfoliate the moustache using my fingertips. I do the same with beard oil. 

I apply beard oil directly to the moustache separate from the rest of the beard. This way I know it is getting the care it deserves, that the skin beneath the moustache is clean and moisturised which is going to let me grow the moustache I want.

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