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Why your hair cut matters if you have a beard

Why your hair cut matters if you have a beard

One thing that is easy to overlook when growing your beard out is what are you going to do with your hair?

I mean, all of your focus has been on your beard and on the style and length you wish to grow it. However, if you have a long beard, do you want your hair to be falling down below your elbows? Do you want the sides of your head to be thick and bushy and mesh into the fullness of your beard? Or would you rather have a sharper haircut and let the beard be the statement piece? Let’s talk about this now.

It is easy to neglect your head hair when your focus is on your facial hair. It also becomes more difficult to think of what might look good with your beard style as well.

Hairstyles come in trends each year and it can be difficult to know what you should go for. However, there are a bunch of timeless hairstyles.

So we have a few tips that you should follow to ensure you keep that mane on the top of your head in good order.

  • Research different hairstyles! Pinterest is a great place for finding on trend and evergreen hair styles.
  • Barber videos and profiles are a good way of getting inspiration for haircuts too.
  • Search Instagram for a local barber. You want to make sure that they post regularly so that you know they have the demand and so you can see a whole bunch of hair styles. Even better if they have shots of bearded guys with awesome hair styles too.
  • Get chatting to that barber. Either give them a call, pop in or send them a DM and send them one of the cuts from their page that you are a fan of.
  • Get to that barber and try to get them to maintain the look every 4-6 weeks.

Another thing you can do is actually let your barber do what they think is best once you have gotten to know them a lot more. This is a great way to try out new styles but you can only do this if you have built up a relationship with your barber. 

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