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What they don’t tell you when you grow out your beard

What they don’t tell you when you grow out your beard.

What they don’t tell you when you grow out your beard is how difficult everyday pursuits and activities suddenly become. It is a period of your life where you need to adjust and this never goes away. There is always a new obstacle in your way and with time you learn this.


  • So did anyone ever tell you how difficult eating food would become? Probably not. Just think of any food that is covered in cream, sauce, powder, sugar or spices and then imagine your beard covered in this. As this is what is likely to happen unless you get smart and change how you eat food with you mane.
  • I bet no one mentioned the challenges presented to you when having a drink. Just think about it, what are your favourite drinks? I will list some of mine – Cappuccino, Guinness, Tea, Flat White and Milkshakes. Tea is pretty easy to drink but everything else usually leaves my beard covered in froth, foam or cream. Not great.
  • The Nod. This is something special. Ever walked past a bearded guy and thought “that guy has an incredible beard”? Now, when your beard starts getting there when you walk past bearded guys you will not find it surprising if they or you or both of you exchange a small nod. This is a token of appreciation for each of your beards and for the process. Both of you know how long this has taken.
  • Your appearance is going to change a lot. People might not recognise you anymore. People might be more attracted to you. This really happens and it is hard to turn back on this.
  • If you do not like attention ten get prepared for it. People are going to compliment you a lot. People are also going to ate on you a lot. People will be intrigued by how long it took to grow, how you maintain it and what Beard Care products you use.
  • You are going to become beard product obsessed. You will likely be researching ingredients, you might make your own (harder than you think to make safe ones), or you might try out Brands like Beardster and grow an affiliation for these brands.
  • You might start dreaming of winning Beard and Moustache competitions. Yes these are real. A quick google search and you will find some. Just remember that anything is possible.

Are there any other things you would have added to the list? Comment below and let us know.

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