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What is the difference between beard balm and beard oil - Beardster Beardcare Beard Balm

What is the difference between beard balm and beard oil? This is a question that you have probably asked yourself when looking at buying some beard care products for your beard. It can be confusing if you are new to beard products so we will go through the two now for you. 

Check out this video we made that goes through some of the differences for you.

 So what is beard balm? 

Beard Balm is like the nectar from the Gods for your beard. It is incredible for taming your beard, moisturising those beard hairs and hydrating your skin.

So beard balm is similar to beard oil in many ways but also massively different. Firstly, beard oils and beard balms share the same types of ingredients so long as they are made up of only natural beard oils, like the Beardster Beard Oils are.

So beard oil and beard balm are both made up of carrier oils that make up the majority of the product. They are also made of essential oils that have some benefits and also give a good kick of scent.

The big difference is the consistency of them. Beard oil is still an oil. Beard balm is a solid and can appear to be a cream, putty or paste. This paste needs to be scooped from the tin, worked between the hands so it returns to an oil like state and then applied to the beard. 

You might be thinking what is the point of using it if you need to work it back into its oil like state? Well, once it is applied to the beard then it re solidifies and provides a great many benefits. Let's go into this now.

Why use Beardster Beard Balm daily?

So beard balm has so many good effects on your beard but I am going to focus on a few.

1. Styling

The Beardster Beard Balm gives your beard the lightest amount of styling capability. This is due to the beard balm containing small amounts of beeswax that are naturally sourced from well cared for Bees. This helps give the Beard Balm its firmness in the tin but it is easy to work into your hands and then apply to the beard without lumps or graininess. 

2. Conditioning

The Beardster Beard Balm has some of the best conditioning carrier oils in it and you might not be familiar with a couple of them. 

Grapeseed Oil - This is a fast absorbing highly conditioning oil that will deeply hydrate and condition your beard.

Rice Bran Oil - This is oil that is extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice after chaff. What does it do you might be thinking about from being a perfect companion to a good curry or chilli?

Firstly, it is an incredibly healthy fat to digest so that should reassure you.

Now you might find that plenty of beard balms out there from very BIG Beard Brand type companies use Lanolin in their balms and creams. Instead of using an animal derived product we wanted to use a plant based product. Rice Bran oil matches or beats the perfomance of Lanolin, penetrating the skin to provide a deep hydration, is easily absorbed so it will not leave that greasy feeling and it has anti-aging properties. Pretty awesome right?

Hemp Oil - a plant derived oil from the infamous canabis plant, or rather a variety of it. Firstly, you might notice the green colour of our Beard Balms. This is from the Hemp Oil we use that gives it this beautiful colour that catches the eye.

Two extra benefits of using Hemp Oil is that it is great for calming wrinkle lines and calming inlfamed skin. So when you first start out growing a beard apply some of this beard balm to your growth, only a small amount is needed at the start of beard growth and say goodbye to the infamous beard itch. 

The Scent

With Natural Beard Care products like Beardster's, the issue is always around the scent of the product and how strong it is. This is usually an issue as the natural/botanical oils used will naturally lose their scent from your beard over time. That means it is virtually impossible for a natural beard care product to lock in scent all day long. That is why many Beard Care companies use perfumes to give their products that extra kick of scent.

However, as our Beard Balm gives your skin and hair a natural seal this helps contain the scent for far longer. Our TT beard balm pretty much retains its earthy scent all day and the Chai Lemon is not far beind it.

So, that is the difference.

Beard Balm is an incredible product and you need to be trying it out. DM us over on Instagram at let us know if you have picked any up. We will try find you anyway as soon as the order has been placed to connect with you.

Thanks for your time and attention.


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