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What is Beard Balm?

What is Beard Balm? 

An insight into Beard Balm and what the Beardster Beard Balm is about.

What is Beard Balm is a question I have heard a number of times. So let’s answer it speedily for you. It is a hard set beard care product, that has a higher quantity of wax to butter that when worked reverts to its liquid form. Just for clarity, we are only talking about natural Beard Balms here as that is all we are interested in.

Due to its Wax content it means that it can act more as a styling product. It can give the beard hair a good hold to allow you to shape it to your desired look. It is great for achieving a more pointed Viking Style Beard and is an excellent product to use if you are shaping the beard with a hairdryer.

So you can expect a Beard Balm to have a good amount of either Beeswax or a vegetable based Wax if it is to be vegan friendly. Our aim is to have one of each but as a start up we cannot spread ourselves too thin and Beeswax is a simpler Wax to use to get the best results possible.

Beardster Chai Lemon Beard Balm

You can then expect it to contain butter or a number of butters. These are ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and you could even use many others such as Mango Butter. It will also likely have some sort of carrier oil and most will likely have a fast absorbing and slow absorbing carrier oil in them. In ours, we've got Sweet Almond Oil which is fast absorbing and we have more richer Oils such as Rice Bran Oil which helps emulsify the Beard Balm.

One common problem with Beard Balm is graininess and grittiness. You might have found that when you crack into the balm and rub in between your hands it takes a while to melt down. The Beardster Beard Balm has been created to ensure it is firm but easily melted with no grain or grit. 

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