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The Patchy Beard - Embrace the patchy beard

The Patchy Beard follow up – embrace the patchy beard and give it more time 

We recently created a video and wrote some of our thoughts on the patchy beard issue but felt it was time to follow this up. The most frequent issue I heard from guys is always focussed on their patchy beard. We have people sending us photos of their beard to ask if we have any tips on filling in their beard patches. Sadly, we do not.

For us, the patchiness on your beard makes your beard all the more unique. Some guys get obsessed with the patchiness on their beards and want a full thick beard that they envisage in their dreams or from looking at guys on Instagram and Pinterest.

Yet, what they do not realise is that they have an awesome beard themselves, that the patchiness gives it an interesting look, a look of the more casual and dare I say it, a more Hipster look. We think this looks incredible and so should you.

But let’s talk about some other things you can do but first let us reiterate the most important of them, Patience.

So we all know a patchy beard is down to your genetics.You either have a full beard in you or you don’t, it is that simple. The question I always ask when someone complains of a patchy beard is how long have you been growing it for without shaving? Most of them will say a week or two. Just imagine that you had the ability to grow a full beard. You grew it for two weeks then trimmed up as it had patches an you carried on doing this forever. Just imagine if your full beard with no patches (at least the baby version of it) would come through after 4 weeks of growth without any sort of trim.

If you had just waited 2 more weeks you might have reached your goal. To me, it is crazy to complain that you have a patchy beard without first attempting to grow a beard. So set a grow goal. Where you do not touch the beard and make this beard goal at least one month without any sort of trim. An ideal timeframe would be 3 months of solid growth.

Now lets talk about the perfect style for you.

The Short Beard style

Embrace it and wear it with pride. Some of you will find that no matter how much you grow out the beard not much happens. It might be long and full in areas and short and patchy in others. You just need to decide on how you wear the beard now and I’d suggest you go for a shorter option with clean sharp lines and some style to your hair. Make the beard pop and the hair look textured or slick and you have yourself a good look.

Just do not get Beard Envy from others or feel inferior. You are not. The short beard definitely as its place and should be up there with any style of beard that allows you to express your identity.

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