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The Best Morning Beard Routine

This is The Best Morning Beard Routine I have worked out so far. You have to look after your skin and beard if you want to get the sort of length you are dreaming of. The short story is that it is gonna take a long while but you need to look after yourself along the way to stop the beard becoming dry and brittle. Even if you are going for a shorter beard, you still want it to look full, shiny and magnificent so this applies regardless of length.

A great thing to start your morning is to have a drink of water. A good glass of water first thing helps hydrate the body and kickstart your day. You need to make sure you are looking after your body and eating the correct foods and hydrating your body with a good amount of water. If you have poor hair growth then always look at how you are treating your body and look at how you are feeding and hydrating it too. A good diet helps promote hair growth so that is where you want to start.

The next step is to have a hot shower (or bath if you prefer). This opens up the pores and makes your skin more open to taking in products. Products are a choice you need to make. They are not essential to growing a beard. You can grow a beard without putting products in it. However, if you want your beard to feel soft all day every day then applying a Beardster Beard Oil is the best way to go about this. So opening up your pores is essential for the next step.

Now you need to towel dry that beard to remove as much dampness from it as you can. Removing the dampness this way means it is not going to dry of frizzy and if you chose to follow this routine and use a hairdryer, you do not need to use it for as long.

Once the beard is fairly dry you can do two things. You can either go grab your comb and hairdryer and start working the beard into your preferred style using the two. Or, firstly, you can apply some Beardster Beard Oil at this point. I tend to apply it after I have used the hairdryer as it prevents the hairdryer blowing all of that natural scent from your face.

Now grab your comb and brush the hair in the direction you want it to sit. You can then apply some heat to it. On the use of a hairdryer make sure you check out this article we wrote as you want to make sure you have a fairly decent one and you have the technique right.

Once you have dried your beard and got it into position the next step is to apply 1-2 sprays of Beardster Beard Oil onto your hands. Work it between the hands then apply to the beard making sure you gently massage the oil in. You need to get it to your skin to have the best benefits from using it. Comb or brush the beard again as the comb teeth will drag the oil across the skin and give it the final style.

We are just re-working our beard balms but this is the time to add it in to the beard. You can then work it in using the hairdryer but ours melts quickly and is easily workable for the beard.

And that is a perfect start to your Morning Beard Routine. Chuck in a velvety smooth coffee to start the day and you will have enough firepower to take on the world. Video on this coming soon.

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