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The Beardster Vision

The Beardster Vision

So, it is Daniel from Beardster and I wanted to talk about the Beardster Vision. We have some very high and aspirational aims and many of these I doubt we will hit. However, I am of the opinion that if you aim for the stars you might just about reach the moon, which is still impressive. However, if you only reach for the sky then you might not even get off of land. So let’s excuse the cliché phrases now.

I was having a chat with Carly, the second Director and owner of Beardster and this is what I said to her some months back –

  • I want Beardster to make content as good as Casey Neistat;
  • I want Beardster to become the Male focused natural product supplier, like Lush, but male focused. We want to move into other areas of menscare and womenscare (I like these words joined up) under a different brand in the future but Beardster will be one of the top ranges within this new brand;
  • My main focus is on the menscare area but I feel like expanding to cover the female market makes sense somewhere down the line;
  •  I want Beardster to raise awareness in a variety of areas such as Mens Mental health, Entreprenuership, self-confidence and always wanting to improve;
  • I want Beardster to create a group of people who are conscious about what products they use, what the ingredients are and why they are used;
  • Most of all, I want Beardster to be affordable but also to use quality ingredients. – We’ve achieved this goal already.

Some people may say we are foolish for stating all of this so openly, especially when we mention the likes of Lush in terms of our long term aspirations. I do not believe this though. I believe by stating this now you guys and gals can help us achieve this. Every time you buy a Beardster product we take a step forward to achieving this, every time you watch a video, every time you like a photo and every time you leave a comment that engages our growing community you take a step forward with us.

How we want to grow

At a pace that allows organic growth. What does this mean? It means we don’t want silly buy-ins or takeovers and it means we are in this for the long haul. We don’t take a penny out of the company. So far, all the money we have taken in has gone into buying ingredients, developing products, buying new gear to create content, buying Facebook/Instagram Advertising and spreading the word by sending products to our awesome ambassadors and influencers.

This all helps with growth which is hard to do in any market. Cash flow is always an issue in the early (any day) of a business and we are just about in a position where we can do small growth activities, buy ingredients/packaging and maintain a small amount of cash in the account to keep activities ticking over. Just know that when you buy from us we are investing every penny of your hard-earned money back into this business to create a better experience and more content for you going forward.

I’ll aim in the short term to be ever present. So we are aiming for this FY to create enough cash flow in the business that we can meet all of our outgoings in the next FY. We are someway off this but we are aiming for this and we know with such an awesome bunch of customers old and ever new that this could become a reality.

So we are growing slowly, and every month has been better since we started trading late February 2018. Our products are all fully signed off under EU Law and even more important, they are of a high quality at exceptional prices.

Our Costs Vs. Our Prices

Here goes, the moment of truth. This is going to be a very simple comparison and this does not take into account the time it takes to make a product. Depending on the size of a batch and the product itself, it can take anywhere from 45 mins to 5 hours to make a batch, sort out labels, get them labelled, sort out the batch details and to clean up. Time is money as they say so the profit rates mentioned don’t take into account the time to make the products.

Cost Price of Beard Oil - £2 ish mark with no advertising get a sale Vs the £6.99 sale price. This gives a profit margin of £4.99ish. This product lasts on average 1 month with regular use on most sized beards.

The Beard Butters and Balms are closer to £3ish with no advertising to get a sale Vs a sale price of £10. This gives a rough profit margin of £7. These products last between 1-3 months depending on use and beard length.

These rates do not take into account the cost of our site, the hosting, our email, our insurance, our fees for accountants, our resources to create them, our safety reports, any advertising or discounts. So our costs are very much market average as the average cost is anywhere from £1-£3 to create the products.

Our Ingredients

Ingredients are the most important part of our process. So far we have a key supplier based within the UK. At times we cannot source everything from this supplier but we have a few others that we can use.

We use a mix of organic, non-organic, vegan and all our ingredients are cruelty free. So at present, we are continuing to build up our supply chain to find new natural ingredients suppliers to ensure we have resilience should any of them fail.

At times we’ve had issues with a few key ingredients but we feel we have found suitable alternatives should we need them and we’ve order additional amounts to ensure we have it on hand.

Our Future Products

So, let’s stick with Beardster to start with.

Soaps! Oh boy are we exciting about soaps. We are taking a break from product development currently but we are working on formulas and ideas for our soap range.

We want these soaps to be suitable for the body and face. We don’t want Palm Oil even the “sustainable” sort to be anywhere near our soaps. We are thinking of jazzing our soaps up too so keep an eye out for these in 2019.

Beard Conditioners in Balm and for use in washing the Beard will be on the horizon. The Balm conditioner is likely to be a more reaslistic product for 2019 development as we pretty much have a recipe/formula nailed down. The Beard conditioner will take a lot more product development to rely solely on Natural ingredients.

Going forward, body moisturisers, creams, butters, hair products, soaps and other body cleaning ingredients are on the radar for a separate brand(s) that we would like to dabble in.

The clothing range will soon see the addition of a Sweatshirt into the mix. This is a cosy, comfortable sweatshirt that adds a lot of style to the range. Our hats/caps designs has taken a small break but we are working on it slowly but surely. We may well hold this process back untill November of 2019 to ensure we get the best product.

We want to continue to grow the clothing and lifestyle element of Beardster so let us know if there is anything you’d love to see.

Media Content

Our YouTube channel is a massive focus of ours and so it IGTV going forward. We are going to always be producing weekly content on these platforms. We have been putting more work into Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – this will carry on to ensure we give great content that helps you live the best life possible and helps us raise awareness for those causes we are passionate about.

I hope you found this small insight interesting/enjoyable/great for fallings asleep.

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