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Should you go for a short beard in the summer?

Should you go for a short beard in the summer? 

When deciding whether you should go for short beard in the summer you need to separate fact from fiction. As there seems to be a lot of this surrounding the beard, especially if you are a wearer of a big beard.  So let’s talk about this a debunk some myths. 

I need to shave as the beard is going to make me hot? - Not True 

People seem to think that having a big beard means they insulate their face all summer, getting sweaty, gross and unhygienic.  We are not to sure where this comes from. Beards do not make you hotter as their insulation properties are relatively week. I mean, they come in handy when there is a cold wind as it doesn’t batter your exposed skin. A Beard is also awesome for protecting your neck so you don’t need to spend any money on scarves or anything like that. So, the.beard isn’t going to trap the sun in there and cook you. That isn’t going to happen so if you have a long beard you really don’t need to worry about getting too hot.  

The change in beard care 

So, having a longer beard can mean your skin and beard gets a little bit more clogged up as a consequence of being cooler. Just think about it, your sweat trickles from your brow and works its way down your face and gets lost within your beard. This is going to happen a lot. So this means you are going to have to wash that beard a lot. So you don’t want to be washing it with hair shampoo but feel free to invest in a beard shampoo, soap or facial wash. We don’t currently have any available but we use some Lush products here keeping the natural theme going. This is essential to keeping the skin clean and soothing that skin as it gets sweatier and therefore dirtier.  

Brittle beards in summertime. 

The extra heat and sun exposure can dry out your skin beneath the beard. So you need to ensure that your are keeping the beard protected and not lounging in the sun all day. Brittle beards caused by sun damage are a concern and despite the beard offering some protection against the sun, your skin can still get sun burnt underneath the beard. I don't know about you but I really wouldn't want my skin getting damaged like this. 

But, don't fret! Simply because it has got warmer it doesn't mean that your beard will suddenly snap like a twig when you touch it.

Rocking a shorter beard

So, at the time of finishing off this article I have just changed from a long and full 12 month beard to a short Beardstache styled beard. I can say the change was quite the plunge into the unknown but it feels good and has given me some more flexibility in terms of my look and style for summer.

So, once you discover that you really don't need to go shorter out of necessity, it is completely down to choice.Just remember, you can always grow back the beard. 

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