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Movember - what is it and why you need to grow a Moustache!

What is Movember?

I'm going to start off by placing this link to the Movember site which gives a lot of detail about the Movember Foundation and the incredible work they do around the world.

In a quick one liner, they ask people to grow a Moustache and raise money to help prevent Testicular/Prostate Cancer and to Prevent Male Suicide and to help with Mental Health.

We think these are some of the best causes out there.

So the foundation operates worldwide and for the month of November you see a bunch of guys with either awesome moustaches, crappy moustaches or moustaches that give the feel that the individual sporting them is a 1980s pornstar or just a pervert.

But eh, it is all in the name of charity or raising awareness.


What you can do to take part in Movember

You could grow a Moustache and raise money for charity, or at the very least, create some awareness about why you are growing the Moustache.

This way, Movember will be spoken about each and every day and their cause will grow just through this act.

For me this year, I am not going to be going clean-shaven as I am far too into the beard growing process at the moment. That is my priority, so I will not be forming a team to fundraise with unless you guys want to team up! Team Beardster could potentially find a way to get some money to the guys at the November Foundation.

However, as I will be taking part I am going to make a Direct Donation to Movember and also pledge to donate £1 to Movember from every product sale that we have throughout November.

Even during out Black Friday deal where you get a free Beard Oil with your Beard Balm purchase!

I know it is not a huge sum but it all adds up!


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