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Itchy Beard - how to prevent beard itch

How to prevent and get rid of Beard Itch is one thing anyone needs to do if they are growing a beard for the first time or if the itch has taken over the beard already. 

Beard itch is responsible for more beard deaths than any other issue that arises when you embark on your beard growing journey. It is a killer, mass murderer and serial killer of all things bearded. Yet, it is relatively straight forward to ease the itchiness and even prevent it from ever arising.

A lot of guys are going to give up on their bearded dream within the first few weeks of growing because they get an unitchable itch. This itchiness starts on the cheeks, moves around the chin and is then suddenly all over the face making its way through every single hair growing on your face.

It doesn’t even have to happen in the first place but let us start with how you can ease this. As it is so simple.

Washing and conditioning the beard is the easiest way to manage this. You will likely find that you are getting beard itch due to two reasons.

Why is my beard itchy?

The first is due to the hairs pushing through the skin and the skin becoming inflamed due to this.

The second reason is due to having grease, dirt and anything else you have lurking on your skin.

The second reason is why you need to start off by cleaning your beard each day - check this out if you are stuck. The simple part is just to stick your face under the shower and give it a really good scrub. This is going to get a lot of grime out that beard.

Next thing to do is apply some Beardster Beard Oil (updated video coming soon). Massage this in and brush this through. Essential you just need to grab your Beard Oil bottle, give it a really good shake, apply one spray to your hands, briefly work it between your hands and then get it into your beard. Massage it so that it gets to the roots of the hair and onto the skin beneath the beard.

This removes any residual dirt but more importantly, it is going to hydrate your skin and beard hairs. The ingredients we use are great for moisturising. This gives the beard every chance of growing out if the skin is healthy and the hairs coming through are getting all those amazing nutrients from the ingredients.

Now we are onto solving the first issue.

When the hairs push through and think of how many hairs are pushing through this is going to make your skin extremely sensitive, potentially cracks the skin and then it dries it out.

This then causes the skin to flake and gives your bearddruff. Not good. This then makes you want to shave all your growth away. By cleaning, moisturising and brushing the beard daily you are going to ensure that Bearddruff either never arises or if it does, it is going to be kept under control and then disappear.

So, apply the Beard Oil, take care of your skin, wash and brush it daily and soon your skin will stop itching.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to start this as soon as you want to grow a beard, even if you are currently clean shaving.

Now your beard is incredibly soft without the itch you can now enjoy your beard growing adventure. Enjoy! Let us know how quickly the beard itch stopped in the comments or on Facebook.

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