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How to trim your Beard neck line

How to trim your Beard neck line

The neckline is an important feature of your beard especially those with a shorter style as you need to keep those tidy clean lines. As the beard gets longer, even around my sort of length, you can get away with not keeping it as clean or lined in. However, you want to make sure you are keep it tidy and not growing out too much otherwise you are going to get a crazy long neck beard.

Getting the neckline is easy enough and we are going to follow these next easy steps.

  • Locate your Adam’s apple.
  • Place two fingers above it (a rough guide, you might only need one, or three. You will see what works but start off with less).
  • Grab a razor.
  • Line the beard directly above the two fingers.
  • Follow the shape of your face and curve the line up to your beard (see image below)
  • Trim all the hair below this line.
  • Your neckline is now perfect.

Now this seems real simple but I want to break this down for you guys a lot more. You can watch the video below as well and we also have a series of images when I was lining my neck to give you a good idea of how we can do this.


Now, as always, I always prepare the face ready for a trim by using heat. The quickest way is to do this is by jumping in the shower and letting that steam open all those pores.

Once you are out of the shower towel dry the beard and then locate your Adam’s Apple. This next step is the most important as this makes the biggest difference. Spray a small amount of Beardster Beard Oil onto your finger tip and massage the hair below the Adam’s Apple across the entire width of your neck.



This is going to make it so much easier to shave that excess hair. Our Beard Oil is made of ingredients that reduce shave burn and prevent inflammations so it is great for reducing the irritation of shaving. Also, it allows the razor to glide through the hair cutting without pulling the hair which stops cuts and inflammation from ever occurring.

It is best to cut in a line for a reference point so I would suggest starting with the most central point of the neck and then working from the centre outwards ensuring you are still only two fingers above the Adam’s Apple (or whatever is working for you). I usually split the neck area into three areas, working on the centre first, then the left side and then the right, always taking a step back from the mirror to ensure that I am lining it all up just right.

Now you can take all the hair away or work the line in first. I’d suggest lining the neck first before taking the hair away. If you are a bit nervous, drop the initial line by a cm or so and leave it like that. Trim all the hair beneath it and stop. Come back to it the next time and try to bring that line up by another 1cm. Your neckline is now perfect. You just need to build up your confidence and take less if you are a bit nervous. We hope this has helped.

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