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How to Straighten your curly beard

How to Straighten your curly beard

If you want to learn how to straighten your curly beard then go no further. We have some quick and easy tips that will allow you to have a straighter beard in a matter of days with minimal damage to the beard. First off though, we just want to say that there is nothing wrong having a curly beard. I know that a lot of people want to have a magnificent long beard and that if it is curly, the appearance of your beard is going to be that little bit shorter. But do not fret; your curly beard is likely to look fuller and bolder. Just bear in mind when you straighten your beard hairs out that you might lose some of that fullness but you can play around with what suits you. Let’s get into this.

Firstly, heat is going to be both your best friend and worst enemy in equal amounts at the exact same time. Let me explain. The easiest and quickest way to straighten your beard hair is to apply heat. If anyone ever tells you to use hair straighteners then please resist. It will do the trick but your beard hair is too sensitive and it will destroy it. 

So, let us talk about some the less severe ways of straightening the beard hair.

Invest in a brush or a comb. You want to make sure that this brush does not pull or pluck the beard hairs out of your face. So don’t be surprised if you have to try a few. I personally use two brushes, one being a decent hair brush and one is a small fold-out Kent comb. Both are good but have their drawbacks.I have just recently added a Boar Bristle Brush to give a nice finish to the beard too. 

Now this method simply involves brushing the beard twice a day (morning and night) in the direction you want the beard to sit. It is that simple. You are going to need a lot of patience with this method. There are a few ways to improve this method though.

  • Have a hot shower/bath and then brush the beard.
  • Brush the beard with Beard Oil applied to the beard. Do this once you have towel dried the beard.
  • Use a Style Beard Balm to hold the beard in position once you have brushed it how you want it to sit. We have one coming to you very soon. 

If you follow this way, then, over time the beard should get straighter.

However, despite us having patience as one of our values, we still believe in making quick adjustments for a longer term benefit. This is when we decide to use the hairdryer. We are not going to go into too much detail here as we have covered this off already.

What you need to do is towel dry the beard. Apply one spray of Beard Oil. Grab the hairdryer and your Beard Brush or Comb and then work the hair in the direction you want it to sit (usually downward when straightening the hair). Use a low-medium heat setting and keep the hairdryer a safe distance from your face.

Once the beard is in position apply at least one spray of Beard Oil to prevent any heat damage. We’d also suggest apply some Beard Balm to give it some hold and to condition it for the rest of the day.

Job done.

We hope this helps Beardsters.

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