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How to make your partner's beard soft! They won't even know what you are doing!

How to make your partner's beard soft

So your partner has a beard and you want it that little bit softer, that little bit tamer and you want it to no longer cause your face any irritation. Well, regardless of whether your partner has a short or long beard, whether they have grown it out for 1 week or 1 year there are a few ways to get this beard softer. The best part is that your parter doesn't even have to do much for this to happen and you can be the catalyst in getting their beard soft.

Follow these tips! Best part is, you do not need to offend your partner by telling them their beard is causing you some bother. These tips are ninja tips. Your partner will just think you are bing kind, considerate and maybe that you are after someting. We'd say this is a Win-Win for you all. You need to do these to stop that dry, coarse beard irritating your skin! 

A dry beard may be a sign of cracked and damaged skin beneath

3 ways to make the beard soft

  • Beard Oil! This is the easiest, the fastest and a fairly low cost way to get the beard soft. Beard Oil works its way into the skin, into the hair foliciles and the beard hair itself to deeply condition the beard. Much like when you apply a hair conditioner to your own head hair. This makes the beard soft, workable and gives it a nice scent that is not too overpowering. Check out the Old Gray's Beard Oil for a nice sweet orange scent or the Lumber Beard Oil for a woody and earthy scent for your partner. 


  • DO NOT LET YOUR PARTNER USE ORDINARY HAIR SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER ON THEIR BEARD. This is going to strip the hair of all its natural oils and make it course and dry. If your partner has been doing this tell them to stop immediately. Hair shampoo and conditioner strips away the oils from your head hair anyway, that is why it stops it appearing greasy. Beard hair and head hair are completely different and it strips away and damages beard hair. If you partner has been doing this, then make sure they get that beard deeply conditioned with a Beard Oil or Beard Balm day and night! It will soon get its softness back. 
  • Brushing the beard is one of the easiest ways to make the beard feel softer. You could encourage your partner to use your hair brush if you have a high quality brush or buy them a decent beard comb, such as a Kent comb. Brushing the beard works out kinks, knots and can help straighten the beard. These help give the beard a lot more neatness, a bit more softness as the knots are no longer bunching up and helps keep the beard clean by removing debris. Make this even better for your partner and get hands on with them, brushing their beard. If you really want to help then rub some Beard Oil between your palms and massage your partners face until the Beard Oil has been fully absorbed. Oiling the beard makes it far easier to brush too.  

    Try these 3 tips out and your partner will soon have a far softer beard.

    Grab a Lumber or Old Gray's Beard Oil and start massaging it into his face - he will owe you for it.

    If you partner has a longer beard, he might also need to use a Beard Balm. This gives a ton of other benefits including all day conditioning but you can read more on this here!

    Thanks for reading, share this with your friends who need help softening their partner's beard too.

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