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How to Line your Beard with Beard Oil and a disposable razor - BEARD HACKS

How to maintain your beard line using a disposable razor and Beard Oil 

Maintaining your beard line need not be difficult. Most guys always try to chop too much off instead of being patient and taking a small amount each time.

Some guys also believe the trap that shaving your beard hair off regularly encourages new hair to grow - this is crap.

The way to encourage the growth of beard hair is to keep your face clean, to keep any beard hair you have free from debris, grease and dirt and to ensure it is properly conditioned with a Beard Oil or Beard Balm that is all natural.

The natural oils that give you a good kick of vitamin E are great for helping the promotion of healthy beard growth and are more similar to your body's own oil, Sebum.

So once you have left your beard alone for at least a month and have properly cared for it each day the next step might be to give some sharper lines to your beard.

You can let it have the natural cheek and necklines but if you want a more groomed look then this is the perfect hack for you. Most of us have one or two razors at home. These are the electric razor that can grade your beard and the disposable or bladed razor, like a Gillette or Harry's razor.

For this, you want your disposable type razor for the best finish and I tested this using some of the cheapest I could find, from Lidl's and still got excellent results that lasted for 2 days. So you do not need to spend a lot of money to achieve this look. The main spend will be on a bottle of Beard Oil and our Beardster Beard Oils are only £8.50, have only natural oils including the silky smooth Avocado Oil which really helps achieve this look.

Now the trick to get the most out of a disposable razor is to use Beardster Beard Oil. I have been using the Old Gray's Beard Oil as I like the citrus freshness this one brings.

It is really quite simple. Just do the following.

What you want to do is apply a couple of drops of beard oil to your cheeks or your neck in the area you intend to clean up. Be careful on the neck as you do not want to go too high up and only have a facebeard.

So massage the oil into your skin. This is best applied after a hot shower or bath when the face will absorb all the oil, the pores are open and the skin is more susceptible to having a shave.

Now you have done this you want to start slowly on one side until you are more confident. Make sure you are taking the same amount of hair, in the same place on each cheek and always look in the mirror once you have done it on each side.  

Do not go right down to the desired hairline until you are a pro at it. You will hardly notice the difference and you will not have any issue with going too low. We have all done this. It sucks. So do not attempt it just yet.

With the neck do the same. You should normally go a finger or two above the Adam's apple for the best line. If you are a pro at shaving and go against the grain then you are going to get incredible results. If you do not go against the grain, the try it out once you have initially shaved the hair from your cheeks and necks. It will make your skin incredibly soft.

Thanks for your time and attention. 

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