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How to Grow a Beard — Tips on growing your Beard with Beardster Beardcare

How to Grow a Beard is one of those questions that gets asked a lot. Follow these easy steps and learn How to Grow a Beard.

1 — Patience — How to grow a beard

The key to growing a beard is having patience. This is not some overnight endeavour where you wake up and have a face full of hair. After two weeks of growth you should have a solid base of growth. This is where most people give up. Your beard may have developed a bit of an itch or dryness at this point. This why some of us use Beard Oils.

#Beardgoals for many here! You can guarantee this guy followed these steps!

To get to a point when your beard is established you need to give it at least one month of uninterrupted growth. One month may seem like a long time — and it is, at least in the world of growing a beard. The results will be worthwhile though.

This month through June I have launched #beardstergrows! Throughout June I am not shaving or trimming my beard. I am keeping the cheeks and neck in good order though to keep the sharpness so it does not look scruffy. If, at anytime of the year you wish to get involved then let Beardster know on social media, commenting on this article or sending us an email —

This was a huge success and we are continuing this all year round so make sure you get involved!

2 — Ditch the Razor — how to grow a beard

To learn How to Grow a Beard is simple. Ditch your razor and scissors and let that Beard grow. There really is no special way of growing a Beard apart from letting it grow. Every time you chop away at some growth to make it look a tiny bit tidier you’ve slowed it down.

Yes, your beard might look a bit untidy. But, if you want to grow a Beard then this is the price you pay. This is where Beard Products can become useful though and our Beard Oils are all natural and promote the healthy growth of the beard hairs. It has made the Beard feel thicker, made the skin more moisturised and is aiding the experience. I don’t need to chop or trim to make my Beard look tidier and more presentable. The Beard Oil does that for me.

Now, we are under no illusions that you do not actually need to use Beard Products. Beard Products are a luxury. It just means if you are growing out your beard you need to have a ton of Patience if you are not using Beard Products. As the beard gets longer switching over to a Beard Balm will make even more of a difference.

3 — Take Care of your Beard — how to grow a beard

At Beardster, this is everything we are about. Beard Products aren’t necessary to grow a beard. Yet, a splash of Beard Oil, Beard Balm or applying a Beard Wax is going to keep your beard in fine shape. When your beard is properly curated, you aren’t going to have damaged hairs or skins. This means you keep more of your beard hair and can grow a beard faster.

Wash your beard — I tend to just use water and the apply a Beardster Beard Oil once I have towel dried my hair.

Comb your beard. You need to invest in a decent beard comb (we will be stocking these soon!!!). Make sure the teeth of the comb are strong and can get through the hair to your skin. This helps maintains your beard, gets rid of any bits in your beard and stops your beard from knotting.

It is simple to grow a beard, but that does not mean it is easy. So be patient, ditch the razor and look after your facial hair. To help your beard that little bit extra, make sure you buy one of the Beardster Beard Care Products.

Thanks for reading

I hope this helps solve your patchy beard crisis. Follow these steps and I guarantee you will notice a difference after a solid month of growth.

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This article was written by Daniel, the owner of Beardster and proud beard wearer. Thanks for reading people, I appreciate your time and attention. 

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