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Having a beard and a baby is a bad combination

Having a beard and a baby is a bad combination –

Having a beard and a baby is a bad combination. If you are currently excitedly awaiting the birth of your baby then you need to consider some the downsides about having a beard. I have learnt a couple of these the hard way to date.

As you already know, having a beard is problematic when eating and drinking but it becomes a whole other issue. The first time I realised this was when my own baby at just a week old projectiled into my beard. The feeling of that warm milky sick running through every crevis  of my beard and leading it to my chest wasn’t the greatest feeling in the world. Although you soon forget when it is your own kid and he is truly a miracle in your own eyes.

However, those nice feelings that surge through your veins are forgotten when your baby realises that they can now grab things, pull things and clamp their tiny hands all around them. They are like vices that you have no chance of escaping – this is even more apparent when they get hold of your beard.

This is the point I am at now and it is one of pain and agony each day. Legit, it truly hurts as he rips 4 inch beard hairs from my face for fun. The funny part is that his first reaction when he sees me is to grab the beard. So, you need to endure this new experience and become some sort of ninja whilst holding him and angle your head in such a way that it becomes impossible for the baby to grab the beard. I mean, if they can see it they are going to try to get it. It is that simple.

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