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Autumn Beard Care Guide - What you need to do daily

So Autumn is fully in swing and as November has now become December there is a chill in the UK air. As the cold air becomes colder your skin and hair are going to face harsher challenges. Your skin is likely to become drier, perhaps even cracked which can then lead to skin flakes giving your beard the beardruff look - this is not a good look. 


Autumn Beard Care Guide - What you need to do Daily 


This leads us to the Autumn Beard Care Guide and some of the things you can be doing each day or each week to combat the climate-related stresses on your skin and hair.

The following 7 tips should be followed daily. You could incorporate a beard wash into your routine, you could blow dry your beard hair or a low-medium setting and use some extra Beard Oil and you could use a Beard Balm overnight for extra conditioning. 

Autumn Beard Care Guide

  1. Wash your beard daily with water;
  2. Dry your beard properly. If you go outside with a wet beard that cold is going to latch onto it, making you feel frozen and causing your hair and skin to dry out;
  3. Brush your beard daily to remove any damaged skin or hair;
  4. Use Beard Oil every morning and every evening before bed;
  5. Use a Beard Balm to lock in hydration and keep that beard conditioned all day long. 
  6. Maintain a good diet and drink plenty of water. This will ensure you have healthy hair growth and your skin stays in top condition;
  7. Make sure you let the beard grow out more. You can cut it back come spring time but this way you won't get a patchy beard that exposes your skin to the harsher weather. 

It really is that simple.

Follow these tips each day and you will have a conditioned beard that you can be proud of. 

Thanks for your time and attention. 

Daniel - Chief Beardster and proud Beard Owner. Check out Beardster on Instagram. 

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