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#9 Beard Chronicles - What is Beard Oil? How Beard Oil works and the ingredients in Beard Oil

What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is an oil – you never would have guess would you?

Beard Oil is used to condition your beard. Now it does this in a couple of ways.  Beard Oil targets the skin on your face to hydrate it to stop it cracking and becoming sore and it also works as a skin conditioner. There are other perks to it as well but it all depends on the ingredients used in the beard oil. Then the magic, it hydrates and conditions the beard hair. 

But what does this mean?

It means that it keeps the beard hair feeling supple so it doesn’t snap or break. It also helps prevent routine split ends and it helps the beard hair stay healthy so it grows out as much as possible. Due to all of these reasons, this is why you might get a beard growth effect. The Beard Oil isn’t directly making the hair grow like some magic formula. It is instead looking after your skin and hair allowing the beard to grow as well as possible.

Now there are plenty of beard oils for sale in the UK and worldwide and they are made in two ways. Beard Oil is either made using all natural ingredients or it is made of synthetics, silicones and these might contain a small amount of natural carrier oil. 

So we need to delve a little deeper into this so you get a feel for what we are talking about as on the surface, they might sound like they do the same things just with different ingredients, but this is not the case.

Synthetic/Silicone based Beard Oils

So these are Beard Oils where the core ingredients are products that have been manmade. People refer to these as synthetic oils and many of them use silicones to hydrate the beard hair. The silicones do not actually hydrate the hair. Rather, they place a layer of silicone on the hair but this just gives a shiny look that makes it looks as though the hair is conditioned. This is then washed away when you have a shower or bath and it strips all the natural skin/hair oils, leaving your beard exposed to further damage.

Natural Beard Oil

It is what it says on the tin – Natural.

Natural beard oils are made from natural ingredients, usually derived from plants or vegetation. With beard balms, salves and waxes you might find naturally derived ingredients from animals/insects such as Bees Wax.

Natural products are far better for you as they actually have specific benefits to our skin and hair. The synthetic oils are trying to replicate what the natural products do or rather the effect of them, for the lowest cost possible using the cheapest ingredients possible.

 Natural beard oils are therefore usually higher in price as the base ingredients are more expensive and it will bring the conditioning of your skin and hair up to a whole new level.

 Going forward we are changing the ingredients we use and we will be writing a beard chronicle post on each of the ingredients so look out for that. For the record, we are going to break down the ingredients we are using as the base of our products and to which we will then add a carefully selected blend of pure essential oils (no perfumes) for even more health benefits and scent. 

 The natural carrier oils we use are:

Argan Oil (contains nuts)

Jojoba Oil

Castor Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

 These four oils perfectly complement each other. We don’t just use a tiny drop of Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil and then fill the bottle up with Castor Oil or Sweet Almond Oil and then say to you it is full of these incredible and expensive ingredients and charge you a premium. The blends are near to perfect (need to add some modesty in) and the consistency is initially full and thick but not greasy. After 30 seconds of working the oil in you will feel it conditioning you skin and beard and then it lightens up. So for me, with a good sized beard, it is working wonders already.

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