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#8 Beard Chronicles - Eminem’s 2017 Beard and the rise of the facebeard

Eminem and the 2017 Beard

Midway through 2017 Eminem started to rock a real short beard, roughly around a week’s worth of growth and it sort of varied for a while in length.

Now, Eminem’s Beard of 2017 seemed to grab the attention of people all across the world and we think that this is partly the reason/cause for the ever growing popularity of the facebeard.

I mean, Eminem looks fairly impressive with the look - slightly fiercer and slightly more rugged, a good look.


So, what is the facebeard?

This would be a Beard that sits sharply on the face only. So the hair is shaven from the neck and even beneath the chin. Just look at this photo for a good illustration. Some people love them, some hate them. On a personal level I am not a fan but I am fairly open to all beard styles.

Eminem 2017 Beard

They are a short sharp style and require daily maintenance as you need to keep a larger proportion of the beard growing area clean shaven. So that means daily shaving and daily beard care for those who want to go with this style.

Now you seem to see guys with facebeards all over the place and I have to wonder, was the rise of Eminem, the news bearded version the reason for this?

I mean, he has a following, cult-like in nature on some level and he is firmly within mainstream culture. Whatever he does is know, when he makes an appearance it is a public one that draws huge amounts of people to it and he how peoples attention. The last point is the most important because this means that when he talks millions listen and when he changes fashion, or a look then millions follow.

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