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#5 Beard Chronicles - The Birth of Beardster Limited, Beard Oil, Beard Care, Beard Media from the UK

So we have applied to incorporate Beardster into a Limited company and with that, relaunch our products.

We have been thinking about our Beard Oils, currently made up of Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Avocado Oil. Each of these a beautiful oils for your hair and skin but we wanted to improve out recipe range and offer a more premium oil at affordable prices.

So with the re-launch, you might see an increase in price but you will see an increase in quality. We are also going to be giving 100 free beard oils away at re-launch. So make the most of that opportunity to test these new Beard Oils, see if you think they could be your every day oil and give us some feedback on what you like or dislike.

We will make sure we are transparent – so we wont tell you the smell is bold if it subtle, we wont say the oil is light if it is slightly heavier and we will always be transparent about how our oils are extracted.
Thanks for reading Beardsters.

Let’s have an incredible year.

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