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#4 Beard Chronicles – Values of the Beardster

This is one subject that I feel we have not got across to you enough. So we are going to be talking about this pretty much every day in all our posts on all our social media pages. We did not set up just to provide you with handmade natural beard care products that are incredible for your skin. We are much more than that.

So our values are simple.






It does not matter what order they are in. They are equals.

You might be wondering why these five are our values. It is really simple. If you deploy each of these in every aspect of life you are going to get the relationship you want, achieve your dreams, make some money and be happy all the way through your life.

For us, there could be nothing better. So we created Beardster to embody these values and hopefully instil these values into you. Let us know what you think of these values and comment below what each one means to you.

Thanks for your time and attention.


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