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3 Tip Thursday – Grow your beard without Beard itch

So it is time for 3 Tip Thursday and we have 3 tips to keep that beard itch free to help you grow out your magnificent mane to your ideal length. We wanted to introduce a new feature to our content and this seems the perfect way for fast and worthwhile content every week. Let’s get into this.

  1. Keep that beard super clean. When you grow the beard the hairs and skin will start picking up grime and grease from everywhere. A simple splash of water or a good scrub is going to be key here.
  2. Look after your skin. When growing a beard it is advisable to use some Beard Oil. One spray morning and night is going to stop that skin breaking and drying out which causes Beard itch. Problem almost solved. Remember, you can also use a Beard Butter or Beard Balm too.
  3. Brush the beard or stubble. This helps spread the beard oil all over the beard area and helps remove any last residues of dirt and grit.


Bonus tip. Our Beard Oil helps declog your pores which stops spots and pimples which can further irritate the skin and make the itch worse.

Bish. Bash.Bosh you are on the way to an itch free beard. See you next time.

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