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#3 Beard Chronicles - Style and the beard growing journey

A style is an important factor in being a Beardster. This is not some subjective opinion of others as to what looks good. The focus is on you and your ability to have your own style and feel comfortable in your skin, clothes and your beard. I guess it is a form of self-awareness, knowing what you want and how you want it. You can then choose to live your life on your own terms, dress and look how you want.

It is a rite of passage that you need to work your way through. You need to experiment. You need to try new ideas out to find out what you truly like.

Growing a beard is an incredible experience. It can make your entire look/style entirely different. Growing out the moustache can suddenly make the beard pop and give you even

more edge. Swapping a hoody for a jumper and shirt combination can change the way you appear to others and potentially your objectives.

Just be brave – I know this is simpler than it sounds but there are millions of people on this planet too scared to push themselves, to try something new or change themselves. Just do it, share it, hold yourself to account and find a community that will value you.

Tag us in your photos, your new style looks, your new beard style and we will give you the support that you might be looking for.

Thanks for reading.

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