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#2 Beard Chronicles - Beard Changes

For all of you did not know, I am Daniel, the founder of Beardster. I am 7 months into my Yeard and have typically gone to 3 months of growth over the last few years and maintained it at that length.

So this is kinda new to me and this week I have been noticing some new things with my beard.

The length of the beard is getting crazy. Some hairs are easily 3 inches or more in length and I excited to see where this Yeard journey is going to take me.

The natural shape of the beard seems to be changing with a small amount of training the beard hairs. The sides are moving more out to the sides of my face now where the hair around the mouth and the chin are moving ever further downwards. I will probably start getting a fade on the beard on the sideburns and a bit more into the beard to put the focus on the length at some point this year.

The colours of the beard are evolving. I have pretty much every hair colour possiblein my beard and I have noticed a few of the greys and the silvers getting darker shades as the hairs grow longer. The moustache is starting to get a bit darker too but is still lighter than the rest of the beard.

If any of you are undertaking a Yeard or if you are going for a specific length then let us know. Share your thoughts, ideas, best practices and tips for us all to build up even more knowledge.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Chief Beardster

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