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#10 Beard Chronicles - When you need to get a barber to trim your beard

When you need a barber to trim your beard

There comes a time in your beard journey when you need help. It is both a glorious and sad time. It is sad as you are no longer in control of the sole trimming and styling of your own beard. It is a glorious occasion as it usually means your beard has grown into something incredible.

But, being a Beardster means you know when to seek help. 

If you are struggling to trim that beard back, even if it is simple maintenance such as the neckline or the cheek line then you need to stop immediately.

Think about it. 

You could either start trimming your beard attempting some sweet lines and perhaps you are blending or fading the beard in but you mess up. You cut a chunk of the beard off. You cut into the cheek too far and then have to bring the cheek line even further down your face. Soon you are left with a single line of hair running around the edge of your face like a15-year-old attempting his first beard. 

Or you could hop down to your local barber. Finding a good barber is a whole other issue and we will give you some advice on this very soon! But, let’s say that you have found that barber. Now when you go in you need to be as descriptive as possible. They are not a mind reader. If you have found images of the beard style you want then take those in. It is better to be prepared and show them exactly what you want. 

Then sit back and enjoy.

Maybe sip on a beautifully made barista style coffee (always a good sign of a good barber/hairdresser) and enjoy the love your beard is going to get.

This has got to be better than awkwardly standing in front of bathroom mirror trying to angle a razor or scissors.

Thanks for reading.

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