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#1 Beard Chronicles - A Beardster Update

The Daily Beard Chronicles from Beardster

Yo Beardsters we thought we would up our game in 2018. Across our social platforms we have mainly been producing content involving myself and the Beardster community with features and the like. This stuff I love.

We had also been partly curating content to which I also love but it muddies the water and our message. So, this year, any curated comment will feature as an Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat story only. The rest of the stuff will be from us to you, or you to you – you get me?

One fun thing I thought I’d do – at least I think it will be fun is to do a daily chronical/blog/vlog just chatting about beard stuff, beardster lifestyle, clothing, shoes, self-improvement and everything else that we want to represent under our Bearded Brand.

At this moment we set-up for business again today so expect this sort of daily content. We haven’t quite committed to the daily episode on YouTube. However, we think we are going to split this between YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Snapchat. This way we can experiment with different types of content and work out what this community likes most of all.

We are massively excited for 2018 so we wanted to talk through some of our aims as a community and a business this year.

We want to reach 10k subscribers on our Instagram page. We are hovering around the 800 mark and as we said previously, our content drive is a more stylistic and value based content on that platform.

We want to do the same on Facebook and Twitter too – we are going to have a lot of fun on Facebook with a new exclusive video series and we want some proper conversation to happen on Twitter. However, we are also going to be on Quora and might move our attention over there to provide specific and narrow advice on beard growing, style and beard care.

We want to write at least 20 blog posts a month. We should be able to do this simply through the Daily Chronicles this year.

Our Podcast will soon be launching on Anchor – we would love for you to join us here and maybe even be a guest on it.

Our business goals are simple this year. We are in the process of re-working our Old Gray’s Beard Oil to get a stronger scent. We are also developing our Chai Lemon and TT Beard Oil. As soon as the Chai Lemon Beard Oil is good to go we are giving away 100 of them. All you need to do is pay the P&P charges which are as follows UK £3.10, Europe £4.50 and the Rest of the World £10.

If you want to know when this goes live sign-up to our Newsletter and Offers email and you will get the notification before anyone else to ensure you get them!

We are also making a small change to our Beard Oil bottles and are adding a pipette instead of a dropper. Our current bottles are not up to my standards as the oil is to slow to come out and you often get too little oil or too much. We will be using these bottles for now but if you have issues with them just email me at and I will sort this out for you.

The next goal is to grow sales each month and make this a big player in the natural beard oil and beard product market. If you love our social platforms and content, then I can promise you as much work goes into these products as it does our content.

So we hope to get our products out to 10,000 of you this year. A great way to do this is word of mouth. So if you refer 10 people to us who each make a purchase we will send you out 2 beard balms and 2 beard oils on the house. Just message us on here or on one of our social platforms with everyone you referred to us and I will take care of the rest.

Thanks for reading Day 1 of the Beardster Chronicles. We love you all! Peace out.

Chief Beardster

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