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The Best Short Beard Style Tips by Beardster Beardcare

The Best Short Beard Style Tips  You’ve probably noticed that Long Beards get most of the attention when it comes to Beard Brands talking about Beard Care. This doesn’t happen here at Beardster though as the Short Beard can truly be one of the best Beard Styles that you can go for. Just because you have a shorter beard it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look after it as much as a long beard. A short beard style presents many different challenges versus the longer beard styles. So, use this as your short beard guide, follow these steps and implement them into your beard care routine and you will get the most out of your shorter beard style.  Invest...

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Beards and Ingrown Hairs - The Ultimate Beard Care Guide

Hello fellow Beardsters, we hope you aren’t suffering too much. Ingrown hairs are an absolute pain regardless of where they are on your body, but especially when they are in the facial hair region. Well, you are in the perfect place to learn what an ingrown hair is and how to prevent and treat these.  Ingrown Hairs in the Beard - How to treat and avoid Ingrown hairs are a nuisance that can be avoided with a regular beard care routine. Ingrown hairs are beard hairs that have curled round and grown back into the skin. This is pretty gruesome but just think about how many hairs you have growing in your beard right now. If even one of them...

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What is Beard Oil and How to apply Beard Oil to your Beard

By now you would have definitely have heard of Beard Oil. It is everywhere with new Beard Care companies popping up daily and all the established mens grooming companies having started to produce Beard Oil as well as many other Beard Care Products. There is one simple reason for this. It is because of the huge rise in people growing a beard or growing facial hair more generally across the world. People of all cultures are embracing facial hair. We think this newly established love of the beard and facial hair is incredible.  How do you use Beard Oil on your face? A Beard Oil is a Beard Care product that conditions and softens the beard hair. It is made...

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How to prevent an Itchy and Dandruff Beard

Today we have Daniel Barnes talking about the ITCHY BEARD! It sucks when this happens. How to stop the Itchy Beard Problem has been one of my main beard problems to solve this week during PROJECT YEARD WEEK 2. 1 - The Beard Dandruff Problem An Itchy Beard is caused by all those little micro-organisms that live on our skin and hair. You have to look with a microscope to see those bad boys. They feast on our skin but usually remove bacteria and anything that is harmful. However, this time, they like to feast on those lovely oils that our face and skin produce, such as Sebum. When these micro-organisms have a little sebum snack they produce Oleic Acid....

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How to grow a Beard - Some Skincare Tips to grow a Beard

How to Grow a Beard We all know that growing a beard is achieved by simply letting the beard grow out. If this is the first time you have grown out a beard then you might not know that the skin on your face can get quite tender and sore. However, you can help the process along by ensuring you have a good skin care routine. If you want to grow out that beard style you've been picturing, then you need to follow these steps. The Beard skincare routine The skincare routine is simple and it is going to help the beard grow a lot faster and fuller. How you ask? It is simple. When you create the healthy conditions...

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