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The Beardster Vision

The Beardster Vision So, it is Daniel from Beardster and I wanted to talk about the Beardster Vision. We have some very high and aspirational aims and many of these I doubt we will hit. However, I am of the opinion that if you aim for the stars you might just about reach the moon, which is still impressive. However, if you only reach for the sky then you might not even get off of land. So let’s excuse the cliché phrases now. I was having a chat with Carly, the second Director and owner of Beardster and this is what I said to her some months back – I want Beardster to make content as good as Casey Neistat;...

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The Yeard Challenge - Let’s grow this beard for a year

The Yeard Challenge – Let’s do this It might be a good idea to start off by telling all you what a Yeard is. I know some of you will know this but we need to cater to everyone. A Yeard is simply growing a Beard for a Year. The most pure of Yeards will mean that not one hair will be trimmed during that time. But you can chose to undertake the Yeard however you want. I’m looking forward to undertaking this Yeard journey so here is what we are going to do. I’m going to start from absolutely nothing so I will be going completely clean shaven for the first time in quite some time. I’m setting some...

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Does Beard Oil Help Your Beard Grow Faster?

Does Beard Oil Help Your Beard Grow Faster? We all know that genes dictate how fast your beard grows. But, there is some evidence out there that shows certain oils create conditions that help the beard grow faster. There are also plenty of butters and waxes that promote the healthy growth of hair that we could cover also. So, Beard Oil can definitely help your beard grow a lot healthier and look after your skin. This in turn ensures that your beard has every opportunity to grow as fast as possible. What Oils help promote the growth of Beard Hair? Argan Oil Firstly, there is genuine research that shows Argan Oil may well promote the growth of hair. Beard Hair...

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Why your hair cut matters if you have a beard

Why your hair cut matters if you have a beard One thing that is easy to overlook when growing your beard out is what are you going to do with your hair? I mean, all of your focus has been on your beard and on the style and length you wish to grow it. However, if you have a long beard, do you want your hair to be falling down below your elbows? Do you want the sides of your head to be thick and bushy and mesh into the fullness of your beard? Or would you rather have a sharper haircut and let the beard be the statement piece? Let’s talk about this now. It is easy to neglect...

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The Patchy Beard - Embrace the patchy beard

The Patchy Beard follow up – embrace the patchy beard and give it more time  We recently created a video and wrote some of our thoughts on the patchy beard issue but felt it was time to follow this up. The most frequent issue I heard from guys is always focussed on their patchy beard. We have people sending us photos of their beard to ask if we have any tips on filling in their beard patches. Sadly, we do not. For us, the patchiness on your beard makes your beard all the more unique. Some guys get obsessed with the patchiness on their beards and want a full thick beard that they envisage in their dreams or from looking...

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